Our Programs


Focused Learning- For students with IEPs, and those whose parents believe their child
requires help beyond the regular classroom setting, MCA offers a Focused learning program,
during regular school hours, which is designed to help students with specific learning
deficiencies and is in addition to regular tuition. Maranatha has been approved to receive the
Georgia Special Needs Scholarship for applicable students who are transferring from the
public school with an IEP.


Evaluation: $150
For students without IEP’s who have been identified as struggling academically.

Monitoring: $500
For students requiring IEP assessments/accommodations.

Instruction: $2,500
For students who are not on grade level and/or require individualized instruction.

Barton Reading Program: $1,000
This Orton-Gillingham based program is essentially designed for intervention with students at-risk of
reading difficulty and those students identified as dyslexic. It is meant for one-on-one tutoring in a
multi-sensory and structured way. The Barton program is an explicit and systematic phonics system.

Tuitoring: $30 per hour
Tutoring may be arranged through the school office or our special ed supervisor.


This scholarship is available for students transferring from the public school system with an IEP.
Eligibility may be determined by visiting the GaDOE website under Georgia Special Needs

Payment Methods
Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card. GSNS Scholarships-Checks will be distributed
quarterly. The finance clerk will notify the responsible parent when checks have been received. The
parent is required to endorse the scholarship check within 30 days of his/her receipt of the notice.
Any fees or tuition not covered by scholarship funding will be the full financial responsibility of the
parent. Funds received above the tuition amount will be returned to GSNS.


Maranatha offers daily specials that rotate throughout the school week. Those specials include
music, choir, handbells, visual arts, physical education, Spanish, computer, and STEM.


Maranatha offers after-school activities to students every Friday. Students
in 1st-12th grades have the opportunity to participate in the following
archery, basketball, chess, crafts, gardening, martial arts, sewing, and STEM


Maranatha places emphasis on its Fine Arts Program. The Academy has a strong Visual Arts Department that has produced
winners in local, state, and national levels of competition. Our high school Musical Arts Department gives students the
opportunity to participate in instrumental and vocal categories both individually and in group settings.


iConnect is MCA’s initiative integrating technology into our current curriculum and instruction. Each teacher has a
Smartboard for use in the classroom and each of our students have Chromebooks for use throughout the
school day.


Maranatha Christian Academy has partnered with Project Lead the Way to
provide a STEM lab with the latest scientific instruments, cutting-edge
technology, and materials essential for STEM activities. This programs aligns
with MCA”s mission of a Christ-centered education that prepares students for
the future. MCA aims to inspire a passion for scientific inquiry and encourage
students to pursue furture careers in STEM fields.

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