Communication with the School

Communication with School Personnel

Administrative personnel are available during school hours to assist you. Please call or visit the school office during these hours to schedule an appointment or to speak with an administrator, if available.

Each teacher and staff member is assigned an individual email address to be used for school-related communications. Teachers have planning times during the school day in which they can return e-mail messages, telephone calls, or schedule meetings with parents. Parents should schedule an appointment in advance with the teacher to discuss student/classroom issues in person.  Parent-teacher conferences are encouraged and can be scheduled at the request of the parent, teacher, or Administration. If a conference with more two or more teachers is needed, a request should be made to the Principal to coordinate such a meeting.

On-line Communication

The school uses internet-based applications (web site, e-mail, MySchoolWorx) as our primary means of communication with families. Parents should be prepared to use these resources for most communication with the school. If your family does not have internet access, please discuss alternate means of communication with Administration.

Telephone Calls and Messages

All telephone calls or messages to students or teachers must be directed to the school office. No student or teacher will be called out of class except in case of emergency. Students are not permitted to use the telephone during school hours except in case of an emergency and only with prior approval of a teacher or Administration. Emergency messages will be relayed to parents by Administration or a teacher. Students may not use cell phones or other electronic devices for communication purposes on the premises without prior permission.

School Office: 770-536-6334

School Website

The school website provides families and interested parties with current information regarding the school, its activities, and programs. Please visit the web site regularly to stay informed about events, announcements, schedules, and other academic updates.


MySchoolWorx is an online school management system designed to provide academic reporting, simplify administrative tasks, and provide real-time information to students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff. Students and parents can quickly identify assignments, stay informed of upcoming testing, receive notification of events, monitor individual assignment and overall grades for each subject, and communicate with teachers regarding academic concerns.  MySchoolWorx requires password access which is established when students are enrolled.  Please contact Administration for additional information concerning features and capabilities, or for questions related to functionality or student/parent access.

School Calendar

A school calendar with scheduled holidays, in-service days, and special events will be distributed to parents at the beginning of the academic year. It is also available on the school web site in the links at the top of each page.  Some school events may not be listed on the calendar if they are scheduled after the date of publication.  For these events, notifications will be sent in advance to parents and students to inform them of these changes.  For any questions or concerns about particular dates or schedules, pleas contact the school office.

Emergency Preparedness

The administration and faculty recognize the importance of emergency preparedness training. Each room in the school is provided with detailed instructions for handling severe weather and emergency situations. Teachers and students are trained in emergency procedures through the use of in-service and classroom instruction, printed materials, drills, and special assemblies.

In the event of a school-wide emergency, every attempt will be made to communicate to all parents/emergency contacts the nature of the emergency and safety actions being taken.

For a weather-related emergency (e.g., tornado, flood, life-threatening storm), students should remain on campus until the danger passes for their safety and so that school personnel can ensure all students are properly accounted for. Parents/guardians should not attempt travel to the school during such events for their own safety.  If an emergency dictates the evacuation of students from the school campus, parents will be notified through the school’s messaging system if such communications are possible at that time. Upon arrival at the school or evacuation location, parents are required to check the student out from the faculty or staff member who has responsibility for the student at that time.

MCA faculty and staff are trained in first aid and CPR and are present at all times students are scheduled to be on campus.

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the emergency contact information on file in the school office is kept current. This is extremely important in the event of a student injury or emergency. Any changes to this information must be provided to the school office in a timely manner.  MCA cannot be responsible for failure to communicate with emergency contact(s) due to incomplete, incorrect, or obsolete information.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, MCA will generally follow Hall County Schools closing announcements. Local television and radio stations will broadcast information regarding school closings. An e-mail message will also be sent through the school messaging system.